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LOL @ the fact that I post a picture of a bubble bath, and suddenly ‘Eroticbest’ and ‘Ourbestlesbians’ starts following me.

Hrm. I’m sure they’ll get sick of my feminist antics really quick. Misogynistic porn blogs don’t exactly tickle my fancy.




"Oh no, hopefully my statement about everyone being the same won’t deeply offend someone because they feel trivialized and result in a stupid hashtag about it"

Everybody is not the same— that’s the point.
People are bullied, abused, harassed, attacked and fucking killed for…

The problem with attempting to view everybody as the same would of worked at the beginning of man kind, but not now in such a segregated and oppressed society. There are so many systems of power that are completely inhumane, and yet your solution is to push that under the rug as if it’s not an issue? That very mentality is what allows for all -isms to occur, including ableism. 

We are the same on the grounds that we are human, yet we are like any other species- varied. We have similarities and we have differences. When those differences cause oppressive and traumatic experiences in society, they need to be recognized and not pushed under this facade of normality. Maybe in the past or future they were not/will not be big issues, but as of right now they are huge fucking issues.

You marginalized an entire population of individuals, trivializing their disorder (which I cannot personally speak about, because I do not have DID), and basically invalidating their experiences as nothing more than a comedic attempt at a psuedo-intellectual thought on Tumblr. People in the dominant group tend to be so privileged that they are not aware of the advantages they have, which it may help you to keep in mind.

If you sincerely wanted everybody to be cherishing their similarities as opposed to their differences, you wouldn’t be marginalizing an entire community of oppressed individuals by attempting to perpetuate your dominance, even after being called out on it.